Reasons Why Graphic Designers Are Not Appreciated

Reasons Why Graphic Designers Are Not Appreciated

Graphics design is a very lucrative and rewarding job, especially if the designer is experienced and is lucky to get a job in a company that values skills.

The process of putting in skills, creativity, to create illustrations is not an easy task at all, that is why so many positive rewards await a graphic designer. But most times, it is hard to find people that would appreciate good work and are willing to pay you what you’re worth.

The following are reasons why graphics designers are not appreciated:

1. It is just a skill anyone can learn: Most times, people think that graphic design is all about having a computer and having the required app since it is not a course someone can study in a university for many years before graduating. However, because of this notion, there are graphics design schools where someone can go and learn graphics for some number of years and be certified. Still, the drawn line is the mindset that graphic design is just a skill anyone can learn has not helped in any way to give the desired respect to graphics designers.

2. Low payment: Most people or managers pay designers for their time and not for their experience because they usually think that the work is quick, simple, and straight forward. Most non-creative employees believe that designing is as simple as dragging and dropping text and images without knowing how complicated it is.

3. Criticism: Since graphic design is something that should come from a creative mind, so many non-designers who think it is an opportunity to check out a design from a professional designer thinks it wise to sometimes criticize and pick at the work, and most times it is not done respectfully or encouragingly, this makes the designer feel less of himself thereby discouraging every effort to create more.

4. The graphic design market is saturated: Because a lot of people rush into the profession of graphic designing maybe because of the name and because they feel it is associated with web design, there is negligence in it from the crowd because when you can find them anywhere with any amount of pay, then it should be of no much value.

5. Its Competitive: Graphic design as mentioned earlier is a field almost everyone would like to be associated with, apart from the fact that a graphic designer can be gotten easily because the market is saturated, clients or employees think that they can pay less since anyone can take up the job at even a lesser pay with more professional ideas to offer, so this makes clients or managers feel that graphic designers do not deserve such respect or regard.

Since graphic designers are not appreciated, it does not mean that someone cannot pursue a professional career in graphic design and not make it in life, it depends on the motivation, determination, and commitment not forgetting to mention the location and experience of the designer, location most times can really be a stumbling block to a rewarding career in graphics design.

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